Smartthings v2 hub up and died?

My hub went offline last night. It has batteries so it should have picked up in the event of power loss. Double checked and it is plugged in. Tried a different outlet and power strip and nothing. I get no lights on the front at all. I tried holding the reset button for 30 seconds and still nothing. Is it dead completely? Do I need to get it rma?

I am assuming you tried removing the batteries as well as unplugging at the same time for at least 10 seconds right? If not I would try that and if that doesn’t work I would recommend calling in for a replacement if you can.

I pulled the old batteries and let it sit for awhile. I even replaced it with new batteries and still no go.

I would return it if you can, sounds very strange to me. Depending on how long you have had it you may be stuck with a ~$99 paperweight :frowning:

It sounds to me like a firmware update gone bad or some electronics in the hub burned up, if it is a firmware issue there may be ways to force load new firmware on it but ST would likely have to help you with that since I don’t think they post the firmware anywhere and I have not looked into what would be needed to do that firmware load but it may not be very fun/easy if it can be done.

These have a warranty no? And its possible it was a firmware upgrade gone bad. Im not sure. Pretty disappointing.

Well my box states “1 Year Limited Warranty” so who knows what “limited” means. I would start by opening a support ticket at and see what they have to say, they may be able to fix it remotely or guide you on fixing it unless it is truly dead.