No pre-order for the new sensors?

Now that hub v2 is available for pre order, can we expect some love for those of us wanting to get our grubby little hands on the new sensors?

My guess is that they won’t be opening that up just yet. They’re probably going to be spending the next couple of days cleaning up the pre-order of the hub mess with the code that “leaked” out to the general public.

Ummm… If SmartThings really didn’t predict that this “leak” would occur, then I would lose all remaining faith in them.

Having a single promo code may not have been their first choice due to limitations in their checkout system, but once the decision was made, any dummy would have been aware that the code would no longer be restricted to “Current Customer Appreciation” use.

This step was taken deliberately, hence the “while supplies last” disclaimer on the invite.

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The new sensors will go live at the same time as general availability of the hub.

There are worse problems to have than selling out within 24 hours! It’s less than ideal that our actual customers couldn’t jump on that deal at their leisure, but we’re figuring that out.


Yeah it was definitely disappointing for me to jump on excited about the promo for current customers ready to upgrade and then to find out the deal wasn’t available.

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We are asking that existing customers email to get sorted out on this.

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