SmartThings Hub v2 2015 help!

Hello everyone. I’ve done some research for the last 2 days and came up with 0.
Can someone please help me !!
I bought a used hubv2 from a lady the other day.
Hold a pin in the back for 30 seconds and reseted the hub.
Then I read read and did this on my Fios modem

Changed my dns to /
And my ipv4 is on low. I have fios 2020 connection with new modem.
Yes I’ve tested Ethernet cable. Works with my sengled hub.
Now when I unplug and remove battery and plug it back next 1 minute green solid comes then it becomes for A min or two Blue solid then green solid then green solid 30 second , 2 min blue solid goes on and on for 7-8 mins. Then it stays blue solid. What am I doing wrong ?

I’m not sure exactly what you’re describing, but if I’m correct:

  • Device comes on and light stays green for 1 minute
  • Light changes to solid blue for 1 to 2 minutes
  • Light changes to green for 30 seconds
  • Light changes to solid blue for 2 minutes
  • The solid green / solid blue goes on for 7 to 8 minutes
  • Light stays solid blue

Is this correct?

The blue solid light means that it is attempting to connect to SmartThings server. Staying solid blue for an extended period of time may indicate that it cannot contact the server.

I’m not sure what issue you’re facing (it’s been a long time since I set up my hub) but do not remember doing any port forwarding - that is a potential security risk. It should not be necessary for any devices outside your network to connect to your hub. Can you link me to the documentation you’re following?

By the way, I also noticed that you have 2 rules to forward port 443 to your hub.

Here I follow this. And I’ve read on this forum that it says open https 443 port. You think https and other 443 clashes ? I’ve no idea what I’m doing.

That section of text is not very clear, but I believe it means that from inside your network, the hub should be able to connect to those ports outside your network.

I would recommend disabling the port forwarding, and then do the reset procedure all over again. This time just leave the hub alone for half an hour. I recall having to wait a long time before it finished updating the firmware the very first time I started it up.

The HTTPS and 443 definitely clashes since it’s the same port, but again, it is probably not the reason for the issue you’re seeing.