SmartThings hub offline at 445am

This morning about 10 mins after I left the house the hub goes offline at 445am and still is offline. I know the internet is not down because I can get to the house and see the camera’s working etc. The app is showing presence working for myself and wife, but everything else says offline in red.

First time this ever happened. Is there a way to reset the hub remotely or anything I can check other than waiting till I get home tonight?

If you can log on to the hub via the ide, you can do a reboot.

I’m in there now but don’t see where it says I can reboot.

Without looking i think you select hub frm the top menu and you should see something like utilities.
Think it’s there somewhere.
EDIT: It might be worth looking in the events first to see if it indicates what is going on.

Strange as I’m looking the phone just dinged and hub back online… ok, well thanks for the help I’m still going to look for that reboot command.

Yeah, I don’t think the IDE reboot option is going to work. If the hub is “offline” the command to reboot the hub will never reach the hub.

Hub is back online now. I found the reboot command as well.

I’d check the events to see if there’s any indication as to what’s going on.
Go to Hubs then scroll down and you will find list events.

This is what it shows for offline and online -

2017-06-02 4:36:04.459 AM MST
2 hours ago HUB hubStatus disconnected

2017-06-02 4:41:46.455 AM MST
2 hours ago HUB hubStatus inactive

2017-06-02 4:41:46.507 AM MST
2 hours ago HUB activity inactive

2017-06-02 6:51:17.254 AM MST
12 minutes ago HUB hubStatus active

2017-06-02 6:51:17.259 AM MST
12 minutes ago HUB activity active

And just dropped offline again

2017-06-02 7:05:32.109 AM MST
moments ago HUB hubStatus disconnected

Contact support and they can look to see what caused the issue. (Hopefully). :wink:

I have sent them an email, thanks!

So far we resolved the issue with the disconnects. Got home and reset the modem and the smarthings hub, got a new IP and it connected and fingers crossed it has dropped as of yet.

Thanks for those that made suggestions to help out.