Hub is offline (UK) and I’m not there, what can I do?

I’m away from home and my hub has gone offline.

The service status page shows there were issues on the 8th Feb that were resolved, but my hub is still not working. I’ve remote rebooted my Router and that briefly managed to get the ST hub back online, but it keeps disconnecting within about 2 minutes of coming online.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Try rebooting the ST hub remotely through IDE:

  2. Goto Hubs and reboot from there
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Thanks, just did a reboot. Didn’t seem to change anything. Hub still offline. Anything else I could try?

Short of getting hold of Support or being onsite so you could do a power off for 20 minutes or so, I don’t.

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Thank you for your help. I’ll try to fix when I’m back otherwise raise a ticket

THAT IS WHy i have no batteries in my hubs , i have them on an external wifi switch on an ups, so i can reboot remotely.


Having batteries doesn’t prevent anyone from doing a simple reboot from IDE.

If you want to do a hard power off and leave off for a period of time, yes, then the batteries need to be removed and in your setup, would allow you to power it back on after a period of time, remotely (which is a nice feature).

yes uit does more often than not the reboot from the ide does NOT work, as indicated above and in my experience, it really depends on what state the hub is in.

I have my monitored security system - which is cellular-based, send a power-off command to the Z-Wave switch that controls power to the ST hub. Then I send a power-on command and it’s rebooted. . As long as I have power in the house and the cellular network is still running, I can reboot my router, cable modem, (2) access points, and both my internal and external security cameras via the security system’s Z-Wave switches. It’s come in handy for getting my LAN and cameras running again while I’m on vacation, etc. Just a perk of having a separate security system with cellular communication and Z-Wave switches.


same here, i can reboot both the primary cable modem and router with wifi switch on a backup at&t cellular network, and can reboot the smarthings hub too. I can reboot the att access point on another wifi switch that is on the cable modem network… Need backups when you have an empty house, trips out there can be expensive…

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Just to close this off. Hub rebooted and is now working. Thanks for the tips on the smart plugs. Will be researchIng this option.

Just for info I have a belkin WeMo Switch that I use to control my hub.
If I need to I can turn on and off via the WeMo app.
I also leave the batteries out as I see no point with my set up. If I lose mains power supply I lose Internet anyway.

The reboot did nothing until I vpn’d onto my home network and then ran the reboot command. Seems it doesn’t work over the internet, only local, when the hub is showing as disconnected.