HUB going bonkers?

just got back from out-of-town to come home my hub going offline,onlin,offline,online the offline again.

i havent gotten any alerts about smartthings having any problems and my internet connection is working.

anybody else having this problem?

I haven’t seen anything posted in the forum about it. Reboot everything Hub, Router, Modem. Check here for any posted problems:

If none of that helps, you should contact support.

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Im usually leery of rebooting the HUB fearing it may cause more problems, but seeing that there was no other solution I have tried, I went ahead and rebooted the HUB and seems like the intermittent online-offline of the HUB has stopped.


Glad to hear it. It seems most all online gadgets occasionally require a kick in the pants. Clears out the cobwebs and gives them a fresh start.