Smartthings Hub & New Connect app


I am a new smartthings user. I have had the hub for 3-4 weeks now. I have spent hours here at the community and other sites, I have read a lot about problems (mostly old posts), new app and so on. Tried all sorts of Device Handlers, even did a panel with Sharp Tools. Connected all I have to the hub (63 devices. Hue, all sorts of sensors, siren, TV, soundbar, harmony, virtual devices with ifttt).

My toughs are that the hub seems to work without any issues (so far, nothing). The new app loads more quickly, looks better and works just fine. Samsung still needs alot of work to integrate all from the old app. They must find a solution to get hue lights start quicker (not a real problem, but when you know how fast it is in hue app!).

I am missing the integration of Nvidia Shield, Apple TV, Xbox (I use harmony instead, but I still want to add those to the hub).

How about Nest/google? Will it ever work? I tried different handlers to get my hub connected and it did work, but it’s to much work with it so I got rid of those. I want it simpler and as little work as possible! :grin:

I’m sorry, was there a question in there? I couldn’t really understand the main point of your thread, But I’m tired today, and I may have missed something…

As far as nest/Google, talk to the people in the following thread:

[RELEASE] NST Manager v5.0

No word on Nvidia shield and the new V3 app yet. That’s a different development team, and it’s hard to say what’s going to happen.

As far as Apple TV and Xbox, That won’t happen with the current hub models as they have neither an IR blaster nor an activated Bluetooth radio. So for now, the official Harmony integration is the most popular approach. :sunglasses:

Hi JDRoberts!

There were not really a question, more of a reflection. But if you know how to add the following Xbox, Nvidia or Apple IAM ready :grin:.

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Thanks JD,

I will look closely at NST Manager, but for now I leave it, let’s see what’s happens with nest the coming months! Didn’t Smartthings have Bluetooth at some point? They never activated it or just let that one slide.

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The hardware is there, but they’ve never activated it. :disappointed_relieved: