Lack of integration with selected 3rd party apps?

Hello all,

New to SmartThings and new to the community… great to see the support in here!

I have just gotten myself the SmartThings Hub v3 to complement my existing Hue ecosystem (inc. Hub), my Magic Home enabled light strip, my Smart life enabled sockets and my Connexoon connected Somfy blinds… below a short overview of the issues I’m facing and hoping someone have suggestions:

Philips Hue: I could not get Philips Hue to connect with SmartThings Hub so chose Philips Hue without SmartThings Hub. However, now the connection seem to be cloud based whereas I want it to be local. When I press the smart button to turn on two lights, one turn on slightly faster than the other.

Magic Home light strip: can’t find a way to connect this to ST - is this even possible? Using the new ST app

Smart life: can find and connect the two apps, but the plugs are not available in ST - any suggestions?

Somfy blinds (connected through Connexoon): can’t seem to connect these with ST either, anybody who has suggestions as to how this can be done? Just simple close/open/my position features.

Really hoping for some “simple” ways to fix this :slight_smile:

For the Smartlife devices create simple on/off automations (scenes) in Smartlife. Then rerun the Smartlife integration and the on/off scenes should show up in Smartthings.

Hey Paul, thanks! Was indeed able to locate the ON/OFF scene set for the plug. However, it appears on the ST apps as offline. On the Smart Life app, the plug and scene works fine - any suggestion?

Both ST, my phone and the plug are on my 2,4 network.

The connection without hub is always cloud.

For a local Hue connection, the Hue Bridge must be on the same WiFi network branch as the SmartThings hub.

If you are using Wi-Fi mesh or Wi-Fi extenders that can cause the problem.

I know when connecting some devices your phone also has to be on 2.4, not 5.0, but to be honest I don’t know if that applies to Hue or not.

Hey JDRoberts,

Makes sense… problem was that I couldn’t make the ST Hub find the Hue Hub despite following the instructions in the app or online. Guess I just need to remove Hue and try over.

ST and phone both on 2.4 while the Hue Hub is connected via ethernet.

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Ignore the off-line status. It doesn’t affect the operation.

Sorry Paul if I’m just daft, but when it’s offline in ST I cannot control it from the my home page nor set it up with the button to initiate TV scene (the socket control power ON/OFF to my TV).

Hear was my method:

  1. create an on and an off automations (scenes) in Smartlife for each device.
  2. I integrate Smartlife and SmartThings using the new SmartThings app. This will bring the Smartlife automations into Smartthings.
  3. create 1 virtual switch in Smartthings for each Smartlife device.
  4. in Smartthings create 2 automations for each virtual switch. One connected to Smartlife ON automation and one to the Smartlife OFF automation that you imported.
  5. then I use the visual switchs for device control. The virtual switch doesn’t seem to care about the offline status.

Thanks, Paul. This might be where I’m going wrong, I created an ON/OFF button not a button separate for each. What I did now is below in case anyone runs into the same issue (as mentioned by Paul):

  1. Created a separate ON and OFF automation in Smart Life for my socket
  2. Integrated Smart Life and SmartThings using the new SmartThings app
  3. Here I downloaded the classic app where the buttons worked. Don’t think this have anything to do with them working in the new app, but worthwhile mentioning
  4. In Smartthings I now have 2 buttons (one for ON and one for OFF) where I can control the socket from. I can also add the ON/OFF buttons to my SmartThings button for a TV scene.

Thank you again, Paul!

Just an update in case anyone is watching in.

For Smart Life, I followed the suggestion above from Paul (creating virtual switches)
For Hue, I connected ST Hub to an ethernet port and the bridge could be found (now it’s local)
For Magic Home, I got the Magic Hue app instead which works with IFTTT and am using a virtual switch
For Somfy, I am using the Connexoon app for scenes, virtual switches for control in ST and IFTTT to connect them together. Not ideal, but does the trick.