Official integrations aren't working (Wemo, Harmony, Hue)

None of my smart apps work (Hue, Logitech, Wemo) and there is no response from support. Is this just a dead platform for home automation?

Need more information than “They don’t work” I have my Hue and Logitech Echo, etc. working great as well as 25+ other devices some supported officially and some with custom device types. Actually just added a number of Hue bulbs and new rules today with no issues.

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SmartThings doesn’t find any hubs during discovery.

No response from support after numerous emails. No external hubs connect, Wemo, Logitech, Hue, nothing. This thing is a brick. No support.

There is less and less functionality as the days go by with V2. Junk

not junk, I have all of those integrations, plus plantlink, life 360, numerous. all working
Not saying that you’re making this up, but the platform isn’t broken for these apps.

Then I wonder why my stuff stopped working. All of this DID work at one point. It would be great to get some feedback from support, but nothing.

With a better attitude and more info that It used to work now it doesn’t my guess is the forums would be a great place to explain the problem you are having and see if anyone has any insight to point you in the correct direction. Or you can just whine and wait for support.

Thanks for the advice slick.

Pretty much. Lot’s of promise but very little actual progress. They ruined the app and removed the most useful feature when V2 came out. If you can send it back and get a refund I’d strongly urge you to do so.

They got rich off the backs of their original supporters and now this is just a hobby. I can’t even get them to respond to my questions and when I do get a response from support, they wait until the logs have been overwritten and then tell me it’s too late to look into it.

If you’re like me and you’re stuck with your hub, look into smart tiles. It’s the only reason I haven’t tossed my hub in the trash.

@scook If you PM me your ticket numbers, I can check where they are in the support queue. The experience you are having with SmartThings is definitely not what we want for you or any other customers.

It’s pretty sad that the only way to get support to even pretend to be interested is to leave a nasty negative review on Amazon or start a thread like this. What about the rest of us?

If you have some long standing issues, you can send them to me too. Anyone can. I am not in the support department, but I do have some visibility into the queue.

172732 Of course looking is useless. They conveniently waited until the logs had been overwritten before bothering with me.

I’ve sent an obnoxious amount of emails to support. Im not even sure what the ticket numbers are. No SamrtApps seem to be working at all. Hue, Wemo, Logitech all fail to find devices.