Any issues with the Gen2 SmartThings hub?

I think I’m finally getting ready to jump into HA with SmartThings (after lurking here and doing research in a number of different forums. This one seems to have the most active developers community that I’ve seen). I was hoping you guys might be able to help me get a bit more information about the Gen2 hub:

  1. Are there any weird quirks I should know about with the hub?
  2. What was changed/improved from the Gen1 to the Gen2?
  3. Is there any chatter that there’s a Gen3 on the horizon that I should wait out for?
  4. Anything else you think might helpful to know about the hub, resources/guides you’d recommend reading, etc
  5. Would you recommend buying the SmartThings hub at this point or is there a reason not to (better device, migration away from support or devices in the future, etc)

I’ve read about the issues with losing control of Hue lights when connecting to the lights themselves and not the hub, so I’m going to make sure I don’t end up making that mistake but it definitely makes me wonder about what other things I should be careful about.

Any information you guys would be willing to share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Every system has pluses and minuses, so it really depends on your own needs and interests. Smartthings is extremely versatile and flexible, which is a big plus, and as you noted has a very active developer community. However, there are some reliability issues and it is a cloud-based platform. Although you can write some custom code for it you’re not buying a CPU that you can upload your own libraries onto and some fairly basic features like telnet and UDP are not available. So as long as you understand what the architecture is, a lot of people really like it.

No mention yet of a GEN three, but the Nvidia shield gaming console/streaming box has been announced as having SmartThings capability, maybe in just a couple months. That could be a cool option, we just don’t know yet exactly how it will work.

As far as V1 versus V2 of the hub, V2 allows for a very small amount of local processing (just the official smart lights feature, and only with some devices), has somewhat better video integration, and they’ve already announced that they won’t be adding new features to the V1 anymore, but there are a lot of people still using it.

As far as more resources, this might be of interest:


I apologize for being so late to reply to this. I’ve spent a lot of time reading information on this site, on other sites, looking at potential hardware solutions, etc (man, is it a deep rabbit hole you can go down!) and finally ended up ordering my smart things hub, which should arrive today! I also have a few development boards on their way as well so I can properly nerd out and have the tools I need at my fingertips.

Thanks a lot for all the information and articles you shared, there’s a lot of really, really good information there. Take care!

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