How to identify the newer version of the hub

I am thinking of getting a smart things hub but when I look around online I see products labeled as (Newer version) or (older version). Can anyone tell me what this is referring to and how to identify if a smart things hub is the “newer version” or the “older version”? I can supply the amazon links but I am not sure if that is against the forum rules.

I just don’t want to think I am getting a deal and then end up with outdated hardware.

There is only one version of the hub. The “new version” is referring to the accessories in that kit. Motion sensor, muti sensor etc. There is talk about a new hub coming out “soon”.

A new version is coming out soon. The already have FCC certification. It’s z wave plus.

Any tentative dates for this release? I currently have a Vera3 with about 10 devices, and I am considering switching. I have had some difficulties with the luup scripting, and the ST eco-system appears to be a friendlier environment with much more traffic on the forums. This is after only a couple of days of reading, but I anticipate switching in the next month or so.

SIGH a new Version of the hub after i get a ST hub… wife is gonna love that.

I’d guess it would be announced at ces this week but FCC approval means nothing about release dates

New hub sometime in April. I’m going to wait for it as I’m switching over from revolv

My friend, you will most certainly know when V2 is released. We are planning fireworks over Hudson in Manhattan. I will sell you my current “v2” for 50$ if interested. :wink:

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I just bought a ST Hub off of Amazon for $79 it was $49. So I was cautious about it being a real Hub Version 2.
I received it and it’s the right size, all the right wrappings, batteries, etc. Everything look right however:
Model # is STH-ETH-250 not F-H-ETH-001 or F-HUB-US-2
FCC ID is 2AF4S-STH-ETH-250 not the R3Y-STH-ETH200
FCC Application is from SamJin Co.,Ltd of South Korea not from SmartThings, Inc of Washington DC.
note: you can buy from Samsung a Multipurpose Sensor (SamJin), same company?
Top of cover is imprinted with large circle followed by two lines Samsung / SmartThings not one line.
Front of cover only has 1 light not 3.

So my questions are

  1. did Samsung make an update to the version 2 hub (-200 to -250)?
  2. is SamJin an authorized agent of Samsung?
  3. do I need to quickly return this to amazon as a fake?

Search is your friend… You’re fine. No one has ever reported counterfeit ST Hubs that I am aware of…