How to find my hub version

How do I find my hub version?

In the ST app, open your hub, tap on the 3 dots and select information. Not sure if that is the same for the hub mesh with plume.

Select your Wi-Fi hub->Use SmartThings hub->Manage SmartThings Hub->3 dot Menu->Information.

Huh? Z-wave exclusion for hub version?

Oops…answering too many questions at once :slight_smile:…Fixed.


Thanks for responding to my question. Here is the screenshot of the Information page:

(Image removed)

Where do I find my hub version on this page?

it shows Firmware version 47.11 for your hub (remove all the extra zeros) :slight_smile:

Is hub version different from firmware version?

there are different model hubs if that is what you are looking for.

the original hub (discontinued) (V1)
2015 ST hub (V2)
2018 ST hub (V3)
Aeotec hub (same as 2018 ST hub) (V3)

Since you have zwave and thread, it has to be a smartthings V3, or Aeotec hub, they are the only ones with thread right now. But there are still different possible model numbers by region.

The community-created wiki has model numbers. I don’t know if those show anywhere in the app, but they should be on the underside of the hub.

I just noticed, while trying to find the solution to a question, that many times, the hub version seemed to be necessary to find the answer.

Thank you for clarifying. It appears that my hub is a version 3 based on the shape.

It should still have the model number on the bottom of the hub. :thinking:

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That’s a US frequency V3. (You should remove the photo or at least blur the serial number. When asking questions on public forums, include the model number, but not the serial number, which is unique to your device.)