Smartthings Hub Goes Offline For No Good Reason

Nothing else on the network had any problem, but a brand-new Smartthings Hub (2018 version) decided to go offline while I was out of town, and had to be power-cycled upon my return to get it back to communicating. It is connected via an ethernet cable, battery backed-up, and did not appear to be evincing any error condition, the green light on the front was still green.

What use is this hub if the hub is flaky? I want it to be reliable.


for a screenshot.

The next time this happens, check to see if the Classic app is having problems too before rebooting it.

No, the app wasn’t having problems, as the outage of the hub persisted after a reboot of the phone, and persisted when I got home, until I power-cycled the hub, at which point it became reachable.

Is there logging of any type?