Some funny smartthing weirdness when smartthing hub disconnected

I had issues with my internet connection so for two days my home was without internet. (gasp, manual light switching and unlocking with my physical key just like the dark days of Nov 2016, before I had HA)

In the process of moving routers/cable modem to a new location I unplugged the hub from its Ethernet connection.

Yet for those two days the arrival Core Pistons I whipped up still sent me the text message ‘the front door is now unlocked’ but it was a false positive since the schlage lock was not unlocked :’( I thought it finally happened, hybrid local-cloud HA from Smartthings…but it was all wishful thinking that has left me with questions.

For two whole days my hub was unplugged and was/showned as being offline in the app as well along with the ‘things’ listed.

so what is going on why was the core piston still sending away text message without the hub being connected to the interwebs?


Assuming your piston fires on presence or some reason to trigger none of that is with the hub and the messages sent are not from the hub. That all happens in the cloud so it was using the last known state of your lock.

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Makes perfect sense. Mystery solved, no awesome hybrid local solution skunkworks, move along nothing to see…

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