Smartthings 2018 Hub not initializing

I just got my Smartthings 2018 Hub but can’t seem to see it with either the Classic app or the Samsung Connect app to add it in. Have rebooted the hub multiple times, tired plugging it directly into my router with no luck.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Your best bet in this case is to contact support


You have to set it up with the new app. When you are in the new app add a thing from the pics. Choose the new hub. Scan the qr code on the back. And it’s added. Now close the new app and use the old app like you normally would.

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Mine could not be found either however as soon as I used a different Android device than my phone it worked instantly. I do not know what it did not like about my Samsung Note8 but it surely liked by Samsung Galaxy Tab3.

Please not that you might end up apparently losing all your devices… in reality all that happened is that a new location called Home was created for the new hub. Switch location and you will find everything still there.

Yeah, I ended up contacting support and they informed me that while the new hub was supposed to work in Canada right away there is a delay and that’s why I can’t connect it. They didn’t have an ETA as to when it would be working here but that I’m not the first one to call in in this.

Guess it’s the waiting game for now.