Smartthings home security

I just got the Smartthings hub and some door sensors. All work great and I like the app. I am looking to add a keypad and audible alarm to create more of a traditional alarm system. My goal is to be able to arm/ disarm the system with the keypad because it would be easier for my kids. My second goal is to have an audible alarm where I can have a 20 to 30 second delay as I walk in the front door to allow me to disarm before the siren sounds. Has anyone accomplished this? Any recommendations on a keypad and audible alarm?
Thanks for your time!

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There is a smart alarm system of sorts built into the the Smart Home Monitor portion of the app, but it lacks the delay setting (or at least it did when I checked last a few days ago… there was a system update two nights ago… not sure if it added it).

However, if you look in the ‘built in’ smartapps section under the Safety and Security category you’ll find Smart Alarm by geko.

This one definitely has the delay and works very nicely.

thanks chrisb! i will try this.

There are no keypads at the present time that work with the SmartThings system. (A lot of people have been wanting that.)

Some people have done options with a tablet that you enter a code on, but depending on your neighborhood the tablet itself may be a target.

There are couple of small multi button remotes that can be used if you like those, but they can be hard for kids to keep track of.

Another option is a z-wave door lock. I have my setup so that when a valid unlock code is entered it disarms the alarm system.

That’s a good option unless you have motion sensors covering the exterior door. It’s just going to depend on local set up.

Most home security systems have a delay to give you time to put in the pin code. It’s frustrating that smart home monitor does not, but hopefully they’ll add it in the future.

We might also mention the community created smart alarm smartapp, which is very popular, and does have a delay.

[quote=“JDRoberts, post:6, topic:24836, full:true”]
That’s a good option unless you have motion sensors covering the exterior door. It’s just going to depend on local set up.[/quote]
How are you disarming then before the exterior motion sensors trigger the alarm? Or is it the aforementioned delay?

If that’s the case, the door lock won’t work either without the delay as it takes a moment for the routine to run and then SHM to disarm. When I tested I was still getting the alarm going off after punching in the code and opening the door.

Look about 4 or 5 posts up! :smile:

SmartAlarm is still the best option right now. In theory I like the idea of using the built in functions of SmartThings as it means hopefully less overhead as well as possible local processing (in the future). But that no delay… that’s a killer. @geko for the win with SmartAlarm for now.


How are you getting it to do that? I’d love to have my door disarm the system / change mode when unlocked.

Edit: Never mind. I found the code!

where is the code for the disarm when the unlock command is sent?

I would also like to know where is that code ?