Alarm system help: how to?

Hi All

I am slowly getting to grips with Smart Things. I am working to setup an alarm system for my flat. So far I have installed the following:

Multiple motion sensors
D-link 5222l IP camera

The system has been setup within the ST app through the Smart Home Monitor.

In planning the remainder of the system, I need to purchase a siren and some kind of keypad (arm/dismarm device).

  1. Siren - I see there are a few options. Is it possible through Smart Home Monitor to set a delay so that e.g. a user has a short period to disarm the alarm before the siren sounds?

  2. Keypad - are there any keypad options out there for arming/disarming the device? I have a house keeper is used to using a conventional alarm. In addition, multiple users for various mobile phone precedence sensors has been disabled by ST. Also, mobile phone presence sensors do not seem to be 100% reliable. A conventional keypad therefore seems looks to be the best bet.

Thank you for your help!

Have not found a (separate) KEYPAD switch yet,

I don’t think there is a delay option in SHM.

Thanks. Is there no way to add the siren delay then? Is there any other alarm system?

Are there any arm/disarm physical button solutions? Even if they don’t use a code?

Thanks you

try smart alarm in the marketplace under safety and security
i believe it has a delay last time i looked at it.

smart alarm has been working okay for me. I will say there was a bit of a delay when you initially go into “arm” mode. Other than that it has been working pretty well for me. I am really interested in getting smart home monitor though!

Send adv email to customer support asking them to push smart home monitor to your dashboard.

I had out within hours.

I did and i just got it! I can’t wait to get home and tinker

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