Keypad + Smart Things Alarm + Delay

I have been pretty successful in using Smart Things with Iris stuff from Lowes.
I am now embarking to get Smart Things to handle my home security.
I am really used to using a keypad which came with my home security system.
I wanted to see if anyone has had any luck in using a keypad to be able to punch in a key code to arm or disarm the alarm system. I was thinking of maybe using the IRIS keypad from lowes. Has anyone tried that by chance? Of course, I don’t want to pay monthly fees!

Also, to make the system act like a real alarm system, is there a way to have the system delay for a bit so you can turn it off when you open your house when you were away?

Yes, the iris keypad is quite popular and if you search the forums you will find much discussion on it. :sunglasses:

I know the built-in search feature for this forum is sometimes confusing, particularly since it returns the oldest messages first which isn’t always helpful.

A lot of people just use Google to search instead. Use the search term community.smartthings to include this forum and then whatever you want to search for. For example, searching Google for “community.smartthings iris keypad” would turn up a number of discussions.

Another alternative for search is to use the quick browse links in the community – created wiki. You will find both smart apps and device type handlers listed there. In this case, just check the quick browse list for security DTH and you will find discussions of the keypad. :sunglasses: