Smartthings home monitoring disarming stopped working (June 2021)

Recently my routines to auto disarm based on location stopped working. When I try to manually disarm it reverts back to Armed away. Issue is I’m.not receiving 1000s of notices on intrusions while home. This seems to be since app was updated.

Do you have an Automation to automatically set Armed (Away)? Is that being activated when you disarm (you’ll see it listed in the app History if it isn’t obvious)?

By ‘location’ do you mean mobile presence? Is that still working?

So I have a automation set " when set away and I come home then disarm"

I’m having the same issue. My Arm Away based on mobile presence works properly but Disarming on Return doesn’t. I just set this up using mobile presence (trying to do it w/o using L360) so I can’t say it was working and then stopped.

Where do you look in the updated Android app to see the mobile presence state of a user? At this point I’m not sure if the issue is the mobile presence state or the automation.

I’m still playing with the automation, wondering if one of the Ifs needs to be a precondition.

Try deleting the existing automation and creating it again. This fixed the same problem that I was having with SHM auto arming/disarming based on mobile presence.

I’m having the same issue with the new android update, it seems to know I’m not at home according to the map but it just keeps firing the “I’m Back automation” like it thinks I am at home. I had to disable it to stop it from reenabling it when I’m not there.

I have tried deleting and readding the automation same issue

Do you have either of the IFs set as a precondition, or is that not needed?

No mine is simple as seen above

Saw yours . . was asking @Dennis since his is working.

I have only one if condition for each automation - If Dennis, at Home. If Dennis, Away from My Home.

Interesting, thanks. I would think that there should also be a test so that it only runs when armed. If your gps drifts and it temporarily places you outside of your home, it will run even though it shouldn’t when it corrects. I guess you’re not experiencing that so that’s good.

I deleted mine and added it back it looks almost exactly like Roberts and it fires when I’m not at home still. Anyone get this fixed?

Forgot to mention that I’ve had better GPS accuracy when I keep Google Maps running in the background. Unsure if this really makes any difference though. Also, I try to regularly recalibrate my phone’s compass. For the longest time, none of my mobile presence based automations worked, until just recently - after I had recreated them.

So I killed smartthings in settings menu turned off shm then rebooted phone. Logged back in and its working I don’t know why or how.

Trying to fully understand what you did and the order. Did you force stop the SmartThings app on your phone, and then load it again to turn off shm monitoring and then reboot?

Hey sorry about being all over there.
1- stopped /turned off SHM
2-killed smartthings app from the settings menu in phone.
3-rebooted phone

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Beginning to wonder about the app as the culprit. I have two locations with an arrival automation working perfectly in one and not working in the other.

Don’t want to cross post so details here: