SHM: disarm stopped working?


It seems that the arm function works fine. But the disarm suddenly does not work.

We are using our iPhones for presence and they seem to work, showing either home or away.

When we leave with our iPhones the shm correctly arms because our iPhones have left.

But the system no longer seems to ever disarm.

The system shows our iPhones are home. But does not disarm.

How were you using your presence to arm and disarm? Routines? Did you try deleting and recreating your “I’m home” routine? (If you’re using routines, that is)

Okay that is what I am missing, there is no “I’m home” routine.

Are you suggesting that I create a new routine and call it “I’m home” or is there a specific way to create a “I’m home” routine.

Also, I think it is confusing, if you remove shm and add it back it adds the arm routine, but not also the disarm routine.

Is this a new bug or how it has always worked?

Now I’m a little confused.

You implied your SHM used to disarm when you arrived at home, but it no longer does. So what was it that used to disarm SHM?

Last time I checked, setting up SHM within the ST mobile app does not provide for arming/disarming automatically in response to your presence (or any other trigger). The SHM security settings allow you to select contact and motion sensors, plus the way you’ll be alerted when the alarm goes off (lights, sirens, SMS, whatever). You need to use a routine or some other smartapp to change the state of SHM from disarmed to armed and vice versa in response to presence or other triggers.

So which smartapp did you previously use to get SHM to disarm when you arrived at home?


Thanks, I guess I forgot that I setup routines in the first place and was just assuming that they get setup automatically.

I also must have accidentally deleted the disarm but not the arm.

So I am going to start over. Delete the SHM, recreate and then create the routines to auto arm and disarm.