New to Smartthings, Need some assistance controlling lights and scenes

Hi Guys
Let me welcome myself in this whole smartthings world. I have no knowledge about the webcore and DH
I just acquired a ST hub V2 and now trying to make it work the best for what I need
I do have Hue hub with probably 50 bulbs and few hue motion sensors/switches that work just fine except few stuff
I also got few iris motion sensors (heard they work better than samsung motion sensors) plus price was good
I did set up iris for 3 bathroom color bulbs, but it’s just like turn on when motion is detected and stay on for 10 min (using smartthings app). I wanted to see and I’m sure there is a way to set the light color based on timing like in hue app
for example between 6am-1am, turn on lights (daylight), between 1am-6am (some kind of scene (dim blue, like arctic aurora I have in Hue)
I also eventually need help with other issues I even have with hue motion sensor when I’m in living room but no motion is detected and lights are off, I’m sure there are topics about that

Thanks again for your assistance

Smart Lights lets you set color temperature and time restrictions. Runs locally, too. Available in the marketplace in the Classic app and Automations tab in the new app.

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great! I didn’t know I could do it with the smartthings app too
any topic I can see where to improve motion sensitivity, I have the hue sensor that doesn’t detect my presence so lights turn off, I heard adding a second sensor may help. any hint you guys can share?