Smart bulbs and smart home monitor issues

I have a problem that I’ve noticed off and on over the year I have had SmartThings in my home.

When I first got SmartThings, whenever I disarmed Smart Home Monitor after an alert, it would automatically reset all my lights to their previous state (if they were off, it would turn them off, and my LIFX bulbs would either turn off or back to the color they were before the alert occurred)

Some months later, one of the updates to SmartThings caused this functionality to break and whenever I dismissed an alert it never turned off/reset ANY of my lights.

Now it seems, the app has reverted to some sort of middle ground… All of my lights controlled by switches get reset, however none of my color smartbulbs are resetting properly. If they were off before the alert then they should be turning off again after I dismiss the alert, but instead they sometimes revert to white and sometimes they, randomly, revert to a different color entirely. This seems like really odd and unexpected behavior… It only happens with my LIFX bulbs as far as I have noticed.

Has anyone else seen anything like this and is there a fix for it? I just want it to function like it used to where it would actually turn everything off properly.


know its an old thread, not sure if you found a solution to the above issue. I’m trying to address something similar…


I have the same issue. My RGB lights don’t always return to their previous state. Just tonight, one of my Sylvania Lighting RGB lights turned back off like it was supposed to but the other turned yellow.

Support annoyingly told me it’s intentional… Makes zero sense to me…