Green things vs Blue in SmartThings iOS app

Greetings all. I just recently noticed that some of my devices in the iOS app are now colored blue (the status both on the My Home screen as well as the device details) instead of green, and can’t seem to figure out why. For example, my GE z-wave dimmer and fan control switch are blue, but the GE z-wave simple switches are green. The SmartThings garage door sensor is blue, but the Iris window sensors are green. Doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason that’s evident to me.

Anyone have any ideas? Everything is still working exactly as intended…

Example screenshot attached.

See the following

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Oh - cool. That explains it, thanks for the response. Will just ignore it for now then.

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What I noticed is that blue typically assigned to a variable control device (e.g. dimmer switch) and green to a binary control (e.g. on/off switch).

They just haven’t gotten around to updating all the device type handlers yet. Eventually all the green will go away except for custom device type handlers.

See post 24 in the thread already linked to, it’s a comment from a SmartThings staff member with what the new colors will mean.

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Yeah, and I considered that it was a dimmable vs binary control thing, but that doesn’t bear out considering certain door sensors are also now blue. As JDroberts said above, the reason is pretty clear from the linked posts. I do like the green better, but whatever…

Green for ON makes more sense than blue. My GE smart switches actually have blue LEDs when it’s off.

Sorry to bring this back up, but now that it looks like most DTHs have been converted by ST staff to the new “Blue” - are there any tips on how we can manually update any custom DTHs to align? I’ve just loaded a pretty neat virtual garage door DTH from Ridiculously Simple Virtual Garage Door - but it still is showing up using the old green style. The content of the handler code itself is pretty straightforward but I’m not sure what drives the appearance on the main ST app screen. Does it come from the color of the tiles in the details? If so, what’s the hex code for the new blue color?