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I currently have an ADT Pulse alarm system and I receive text and or notifications when a door opens or any kind alert. It works great, but the system feels archaic. Time for an upgrade right? I purchased the ST ADT Security Hub and have enabled one door sensor and enabled the ADT free trial. I love the ST app, ActionTiles looks promising and hub works like a champ. Unfortunately, I’m not receiving any text & push notifications from this new ST system. I have configured the intrusion alarm notifications in the app. This will defiantly be a deal breaker if it doesn’t work. Any ideas?

Thanks, Paul

Where have you configured these?

  • In the ADT dashboard Solution Module in the SmartThings App?
  • On the ADT Panel itself?
  • In the Smart Home Monitor (SHM) dashboard Solution Module in the SmartThings App
  • some other way?

SmartThings iPhone app.

It’s really important to know for sure that this is “Smart Home Monitor” or something else.

What do previous screens say???

I hope this helps.

Thanks, Paul

Great… Thanks for the screen video!

For the record, that section of the SmartThings App is the “Smart Home Monitor” Home Solution SmartApp… Usually referred to as SHM.

  1. For testing, instead of using the “Use every open/close and motion sensor”, please try selecting just a couple individual ones that you know already work to trigger **. (If you haven’t used Smart Lighting yet, install in from inside the SmartThings App / Marketplace / SmartApps / Smart Lights.

  2. Once you know that the sensor is able to trigger Smart Lighting, select it as a security sensor in SHM.

  3. Enable SHM’s Away Mode and trigger your Sensor.

I enabled one trigger (door sensor) for Away/Home… since I only have one sensor for now. Still no notifications. Can I still install a Smart Light even though I don’t have a Smart Light?

2 more things-- I’m currently ADT’s test mode for 7 days to try out the service. “Seven-day Familiarization Period: Your system is now in test mode. This allows you to learn your system and reduce the potential for false alarms. During this period, our monitoring center won’t respond to your alarm.”

And I currently have ADT Pulse at the same location that I really want to cancel.

Thanks, Paul

Smart Home Monitor text alert will only send that text when the system is armed and it is tripped. The catch in your case is Smart Home Monitor is separate from the ADT security app. In fact SHM is supposed to be hidden if you have the ADT hub. Are you wanting a text every time a certain door opens no matter what the alarm arming state is? Or do you want a text only if the alarm is tripped?

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Currently I get text messages with my ADT alarm whenever there’s any kind
of activity like doors opening or alarm going off. I like that And was
hoping the Samsung smart hub could do that.

wow, that would be a lot of texts in my house! Anyway, go back into Smart Home Monitor settings and this time choose custom instead of security.

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Oh snap that worked @prjct92eh2 I guess now I’ll need to setup a custom config new monitoring rule for every sensor. No biggie. I’m just glad the notifications are working now. Thanks again!

Why wouldn’t “Security” work?

Oh… @teksys didn’t Arm his SHM?

You can select multiple sensors with one rule. Not sure if the text message says which one triggered the rule though. If not, it may be better to just jump into WebCore.

@tgauchat correct. He doesn’t really need SHM security since he has the ADT security.

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My problem is I can’t get the ADT security monitor in the app to match the actual status of the system. It always says “system ready to arm”, even when armed. And when it is tripped, I get zero alerts, even tho i set it up to.

Same here. Status isn’t showing, and text aren’t sent. It used to work. Not sure what happened.

Did you do this?