Hub not sending notifications

I have installed the SmartThings hub and a ST leak sensor, and both are working okay - the hub is recognized and the sensor knows when there is water present - but it won’t send a message to my iPhone. Is there something that I need to configure to make that happen? I have done everything that I can think of.

Have you configured Smart Home Monitor to send you a push notification when water is detected by your leak sensor?


I tried to do that, but the Smart Home Monitor doesn’t have the leak sensor as an option. It only has security items such as motion and door - which I don’t have. The sensor is definitely connected to the hub - it shows up as a device, and if I am looking at the app it goes from wet to dry. It appears to be something wrong with the hub sending info to the app.

I went back to the beginning. I reset the hub back to factory settings and redid the entire setup for the hub and device, and it started to work. Something must have been confused the first time. Not sure why.

I didn’t need to add the Smart Home Monitor to it - once I did the setup again, it seems to be working. If it stops working again, I will re-post.

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When you say “notifications” what do you mean? Push notification to your iphone or android via the ST app? SMS? Email? There’s a lot of “notifications” that ST does. Also, you’re getting notifications without telling ST to do that? Uhm…it’s not really supposed to do that. My guess is that you’ll end up not getting them again. And with something like a leak sensor i’d want to be 100% sure it was rock solid.

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My preference would be to get push SMS notifications to my iPhone. At the moment, I am getting a pop-up on the phone - presumably through the app - that tells me what the status of the sensor is.

Can I set it up to enable SMS messages instead?

After resetting everything, I tried to configure the Smart Home Monitor for the leak sensor, but it still doesn’t see the leak sensor as an option. The leak sensor is definitely communicating with the hub, and I get the pop-ups when it changes state.

How do configure the sensor to send out an SMS message?

Are you using the Classic ST mobile app? If not, you should give it a try.

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I was using the new app. I switched to the classic app and the leak sensor showed up on the Smart Home Monitor. I set it for SMS notifications, but it doesn’t provide them. In fact, it doesn’t even show the banner pop ups anymore.

Any thoughts on how to make it work?


Any expectation on how quickly the support team responds to requests? I sent in a request on Thur, got a reply that acknowledged the request, but have not heard anything from them since then.

Are they usually pretty quick, or should I expect to wait a while?

You emailed them and haven’t heard back? That’s odd. If you don’t hear back by tomorrow I would try calling. 1-800 SAMSUNG. But remember, they’re on the west coast. So, if you’re on the east coast of the us the response will be a little later.

Thanks. I sent another email asking about it, and got a quick response apologizing for the delay. I guess it is normally better than that.

While I was waiting, I checked my notification settings again, and it appears as if my SMS phone number was blank. I definitely did enter it, but I must have not hit enough of the done and save buttons to have it properly logged. Once I did it properly, it started to send me both SMS & pop-up notifications.

So it seems to be working properly now. In fact, it keeps reminding me that there is a leak every hour - even if the leak is gone - until I clear out the leak status from the app. So far, so good.

Appreciate the help from the forum.

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I was pretty frustrated with my water detecters.
They updated in Smarthings classic app but after the first push notification, I couldn’t get anymore.
Solution: Under Smart Home Monitor, it will have a Water Leak Detected Red Banner… you need to select the red banner and dismiss the notifications.

You will only get one push notification from all water sensors until you dissmiss the alarms in Smart Home Monitor.

Hope This helps someone.

from the cell that you want to receive Text “YES” to 844-647.