Namespace Required when updating name?

I can’t be the only person who has done this and had this question. I can’t find any hits in the forums. I want to fix my name on my account . I noticed the new app with the new hub is referring to me by my legal name. I finally found a place in the API where it has my legal name but when I try and change it… it wants me to add a namespace. I was going to put a dummy namespace but figured there has to be a “default” that I can put in there. Is it just “smartthings”. With the non stop bad luck I’ve had today with the v1-v2 migration I figured I don’t want to hose the whole thing up.

– Whats the default namespace. Will inputting something in that required field cause any issues. –

Please and thank you in advance.

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Hey Tony,

The namespace field is what is used to identify you on our end as a developer. If you have a GitHub then you should use your GitHub name. If you don’t have a GitHub then just use your regular online pseudonym, or one you would plan to use on GitHub if you were to open one. :smile: