SHM showing 2 different modes

On the classic app, SHM shows armed and on the new app it shows disarmed. Amy reason why the new app would be incorrect?

Yes, STHM in the new app is a completely separate app to SHM in the Classic app.


It’s not incorrect. It’s completely separate code. :wink:

It’s actually SHM (smart home monitor) in the classic V2 app and SHTM (smartthings home monitor) in the new V3 app.



Starting to make sense now, my question is on the new app I have 3 modes: armed stay, armed away, and disarmed. They are all setup to monitor sensors, but how does these modes get activated or deactivated on the new app?

Do I need to set up routines for the modes since you cant setup the time you want them to activate or deactivate in STHM?

You’ll need to use the custom automations (ie those reached by the Automations tab in the new/v3 app). They don’t quite have the functionality to replicate Routines, at least not without multiple automations.


Thanks for the info

Make sure you remove any smarthome monitor warming routines in the classic if you are going to use the new version!!!

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Thanks all. I stumbled into the final piece to the puzzle.

I reloaded classic-app and then logged-in after using . When the app was showing the alarms that I was able to acknowledge. (see link).

No more reminders. As advised, I’ll remove all the rules in classic-app before removing the program. I’ll have to re-invent them in new-app.

Thanks again - Mike

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