SmartThings Home Kit Packaging

(Chris) #1

Hi, I recently bought a home kit from Best Buy that comes with the hub, 2 general sensors, a motion sensor, and a plug. When I open the box, nothing inside is sealed / shrink wrapped, and the plug’s prongs seems to have oxidation spots. Is the home kit’s package supposed to be sealed, or is it just come unsealed in a box? Thanks!

(Neal ( / #2

When I bought mine, the box itself was sealed while everything inside wasn’t.

(Chris) #3

Thanks for the response - did you get yours in Best Buy or somewhere else? I went to the store and had another one brought out from the stock room, it’s unsealed as well, kind of strange.

(Neal ( / #4

I bought mine from Amazon.

(Michael Hess) #5

Mine was this way directly from ST, parts were strewn about within, not good packaging at all. Everything worked fine and no damage though.

(Chris) #6

Thanks, I guess Best Buy has the same packaging as ST direct sales where things aren’t sealed at all. Kind of feels like lack of efforts on the Samsung packaging side, perhaps that’s more Eco-friendly…


i just ordered my hub, water sensors, multipurpose sensors. i’m glad i read this post. now i know what to expect when the box comes in.

i wonder how long it will take to get to me…