Starter Kits?

I have been looking to purchase more SmartThings to add to my collection of home automation and I decided that it would be best to hold off until the new hub was released and to purchase another starter kit. It kinda sux to purchase another hub when my current one is not that old. However, I don’t see any starter kits any more or even any packs.

Can I expect to see starter kits & packs in the future?

I just went through and you are right all the multipacks are now missing from the things for sale page.That must be something new with the rebranding of everything as Samsung.

I just ordered a kit 3 weeks ago. They still had all of the starter kits and multipacks for sale then. While I have absolutely 0 inside information, I am sure that they will return.

Ben mentioned the starter kits today in the post about UK and Ireland rollout, so I’m thinking they should be coming back.

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Starter kits will be coming back. First in the UK and then the US.

Any Idea of how long I must wait? Aprox is fine.

I just got approved by my wife to spend $500 and I want to make sure I get the best value for money. However, I would hate to wait so long that she takes it back.


Or she finds a new pair of shoes, purse, coat etc that she decides is better use of that $500

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kit “coming soon” on Samsung website

“Better” used very loosely.

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