Where to buy new smartthings hub in retail store?


I’d like to know where I could buy the new smartthings hub in a retail store. I’m from canada and I don’t want to pay the shipping and I’m going to USA next saturday.I know they are available at best buy now, but are there any other retail stores?

Thanks in advance

So far you’ll only find us at select Best Buy stores. More retail stores are coming before the end of year.

I’d avoid buying it at all until they fix numerous problems. Get it and you’ll have one big headache.

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I disagree, and I don’t think that’s fair to dissuade purchases without giving adequate information.


Agreed. I would outline all the issues, but it would be a very long post. Given I had been waiting ages to buy ST, finally bought one,only to find out that the system is effectively a beta product. Search the forum for posts. Things like the ‘IFFFT integration’ thread will give you a sample of the reasons. At the moment the hub struggles to communicate with most external devices, either through 'IFFFT or not. I wish I’d dug a little deeper before purchasing. I love tech and gadgets so I doubt anyone would have dissuaded me, but either way. Just investigate the current issues… I know it’s not an expensive purchase, but my time is worth a lot, and I’ve spend way too long on ST in recent weeks.

Thank you for clarification, so this goes a long way with saying you recommendation is to wait, and then to also state that your miles may vary (YMMV).

I personally use only zigbee/zwave (minus webcams and irrigation controller) and have minimal issues, and zero regrets. Girlfriend enjoys the convenience of the system, and that’s with more than 25 devices. I know, not a lot, but constantly growing. So to anyone who reads this, you really have to look at what you want to achieve, and then search a bit to see what peoples experiences are. David’s with IFFFT and various external devices, not great. Mine with zwave/zigbee, fairly good and no regrets. Back to the YMMV.

Again I agree. With Hue lights for example no problems at all. With the ST sensors no problem. With anything like, 'IFFFT, harmony hub, Amazon echo… It’s a waste of time. Judge what you want it for before you buy. You’ll save yourself a headache. DON’T believe the list ST states. Investigate the devices you want to use it with, then decide.

I am a supporter and also only use Zwave and ST devices. Have minimal issues.

But for me the lack of being able to add or edit users is just a glaring fundamental flaw in V2.

I can’t really get all the benefits when I can add my other family members.

Regardless, I am still adding additional features because I am confident they will resolve these issues.