How to disable certain devices in Smartthings not to be recognized by Google Home?

Hi Everyone,

I have linked my smartthings hub (v2 2015) with Google Home. I also have philips hue which was linked with Smartthings and Google Home respectively and directly. So here’s problem, after linking Smartthings and Google Home, those hue lights in Smartthings were added to Google Home, which caused duplicating of hue lights in Google Home. Is there a way to disable certain devices in Smartthing to not have those recognized in Google home? Thanks in advance.


I just answered this in another thread… so I am just going to point you to that thread :slight_smile:

Short answer, create a second home in the google app and move the devices you don’t want to see into it.

Google is missing from Smartthings Classic


Smart solution! Thank you very much.

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