Smartthings + Google Home not linking Schlage Door Lock?

I have not had any issue with Smartthings, Google home, and everything I have linked up to it. From day 1 I have had my Schlage Camelot Zwave door lock, 4 lutron zwave light switches, my Rachio Sprinkler, etc all linked up. I recently upgraded my router to a mesh network and has some issues probably unrelated but basically factory reset my hub, then had to relink all my devices. I got that done with little issue.

All 11 devices I have show up and work just fine from the Smartthings app, and all 11 devices show up on the smartthings online hub menu. When I link my devices to google home first off it says 14 which is odd since there are only 11 but then when I go to add them to different rooms which is the next step in the process it only shows 10. The door lock is not one of them. I know for a fact this door lock works as I have been using this for at least 3 years with smartthings and ever since I got google home I have been able to voice unlock. So it won’t even show up now. I have told google home to Update Device and it claims it is resyncing with Smartthings. I have gone into the smartthings app > automation > Smart Apps > Google > unchecked allow google assistant to access all device and routines. Checked everything on the list for switches, and made sure under lock my door lock was checked. I then hit save

Go back to google home, tell it to up date, nothing. I remove and read smartthings, still nothing. WTH how do I get my lock back on to Google Assistant?

I have same lock and issue. I created a vswitch to get it to lock and unlock but had to use one and off so I switched to IFTTT which I hear may stop working going forward with the announcement of Google Nest. Time will tell. You can’t ask google for the status of the lock since it physically doesn’t know it’s presence in ST.

I also finally got it to work properly with IFTTT. I do recall using this before but thought I had removed it. Before I had to factory reboot my Smartthings hub I swear the lock would show up on my Google Home app home page and I could click to unlock and lock it but not it wont appear at all. Either way saying “Ok Google lock the front door” or “ok Google unlock the front door” does what I want and I am not going to mess with it.