Can't add Schlage smart door lock to google home. grrr

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So I added a Schlage Zwave door lock to my SmartThings. This is working- I can lock and unlock through SmartThings. It is not working with My Google home, though- It doesn’t seem to know it’s even there when I ask Google to interact with it…
did I forget to do?
How do I do this? What am I missing?? What did I forget to do? According to Schlage, my unit is compatible.

I’m in the USA- Minnesota

good luck -Jim

The first rule of home automation applies: “the model number matters.“ Not all models work the same way, and different voice assistants work differently.

It’s also important to know that most lock manufacturers, including Schlage, will tell you that a lock is “compatible “even if the voice assistant can only lock it, not unlock it.

Also, it’s quite common for a voice assistant to require a pin code if it does allow unlocking, and you will have to set that up separately through the voice assistant app.


Here’s the support article from Schlage for their Z wave locks. It appears that they can only lock, not unlock. Or you can ask the status to see if the lock is locked. But you cannot issue a Google home voice command to unlock it.

And voice assistant routines are yet a separate question. From the Schlage article:

Unlocking is not supported in Google Routines.

In contrast, the exact same model lock when used with alexa can be controlled by voice to unlock, although it will require a pin code.

After connecting the devices, you can ask Alexa to lock and unlock the door, and check the status of your Schlage Connect deadbolt.

So it comes down to the details. If it is a Z wave Schlage lock, for most models you should be able to ask google home to lock it or if it is locked, but not to unlock it.

By the way, there is a workaround.

You can create a virtual switch and turn that switch on and off by voice in Google home.

And then you can create a smartthings routine (not a Google routine) to lock your lock when the switch turns on and unlock your lock when the switch turns off.

It’s a little clunky and you have to be OK with saying “on“ instead of “unlock“ but it should work.

Here’s a discussion thread on that method:

Looks like The lock may not be exposed to google home even for unlocking once SmartThings is in the picture. :thinking: so I may just be wrong on the idea that you could unlock it if you are connecting it through smartthings.

The following thread initially says that you have to use Ifttt as an intermediary, but later on in the thread another poster says that you don’t, you can use a virtual switch if you prefer. So it’s just a matter of personal preference as to which feels more natural to you.

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This was somewhat of an impulse purchase. Admittedly, I didn’t do a lot of research… In my mind I would have a bunch of data of who unlocked the door and when, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Anyway… it works with ST so I’ll be happy enough with that.

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