Lock Support on Google Home/Assistant

Hey all,

I’m coming from a background of the Amazon Echo ecosystem so please forgive if this is a no-brainer question. I recently decided to try two Google Home devices and began setting up the integrations. So far, I’m extremely impressed with it’s operation and noticed quite a few benefits over the Echo that would make life easier. I did run into one road block though.

My understanding is that the Google Home/Assistant does support locks, but only for status and locking (will not unlock) - which is more than fine. I have a Schlage Camelot lock (Z-Wave) integrated with Smartthings and I have Smartthings linked to the Google Home. However, the Google Home will not see my lock as a device. It has discovered my lights/switches/etc, but doesn’t see my Schlage lock. Likewise, I set one up for a family member and it did not see their Yale lock (Z-wave) either. Are these not supported or am I missing something during the confiugration?

Any help is appreciated!