Google Home cannot see 2 of 4 devices

Hi all, this is my first post so please forgive me if I leave something out or should be on a new thread. I’ve been searching and searching this forum for an issue like mine and even though I’ve found a few, none of them seem to indicate an answer.

I have been a Google Home user for over a year now and have a bunch of different devices connected and they all work wonderfully. I was previously a MiCasa Vera Z-Wave user and still had that old hub sitting around serving 4 z-wave devices. After researching and finding out that the SmartThings hub would natively interact with Google Home\Assistant, I had to have one. So I purchased the GP-U999SJVLGDA and started converting my 4 devices over to it. I had no problem pairing my 2 thermostats and 2 locks to the ST hub. I have 2, FE599NX Schlage locks and 2, YTH8320ZW1007 Honeywell thermostats. Both are in the approved device list as provided by Samsung. This was a huge part of my decision to go with ST as I already own these devices and they are certainly not cheap to replace.

Regardless here is my problem: I was able to link the ST hub to my Google Home very easily. When I did that the 2 thermostats appeared instantly in my Google Home and once I assigned them to a room, I was instantly able to control them with my voice via my Google Home\Assistant. Absolutely magical!! However, I cannot get Google to see either of the FE599NX locks for some reason and I have to assume at this point that there is some reason for this. When I added my first device, a thermostat, and linked the hub, the thermostat showed right up in the app. Then I added one of the locks and it didn’t show. So I decided to add the other thermostat to see if it was device related and the 2nd thermostat magically showed up in Google all on its own again. I added the 2nd lock and again, the lock did not appear in Google.

So at this point I have all 4 devices working great in the ST app (the new one) but only 2 of them (the thermostats) can be seen on the Google side. I have unlinked the account and relinked it. I have tried to manually add the Schlage locks to Google but that didn’t work either. I simply cannot figure out why Google can only see 2 of the 4 devices. I have to think that it’s related directly to the locks themselves but I’m not sure what that would be or what to do about it.

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I believe google home is only able to control switches, bulbs and outlets from The ST integration.

I wondered the same thing @jkp but this page seems to indicate differently:

" Note: For security reasons, Google Assistant will only support Routines that trigger thermostats (US only) and lighting actions, door locking, arming Smart Home Monitor, and mode changes. Your existing Routines may not work if they have an unsupported action or device, including but not limited to: unlocking locks, disarming Smart Home Monitor, and opening garage doors."

I take this to mean that you simply cannot unlock doors or open garage doors with your voice for security reasons but you should be able to lock\close them without a problem.

Additionally, if you go into the settings in the ST app and then into the device authorization and then into Google you’re able to turn on\off a setting to allow Google to access all of your ST devices and in that list are the locks. I’d think that they wouldn’t even display here to assign permissions if GH couldn’t see\control the locks, you know?

Create a routine that controls your lock and use it in GH. Or create a virtual device and link it to that routine or lock.

Well I can’t create a routine in GH because the 2 locks don’t show up under SmartThings on the Google side. Only the thermostats do. Thus the problem. :disappointed:

Sorry, I meant routine in ST :slight_smile:

I saw on Reddit where some where using virtual switches & IFTTT to work around this limitation.

Ahh, gotcha. In the end I’d like to be able to tell Google to lock the doors on its own and\or add that functionality to my exisiting GH routines. If I have to go to the app to run a ST routine, I may as well just click the lock button for each one and be done with it. Sort of pointless unless the routine runs at a particular time but I also don’t want that. There’s no reason the Schlage locks shouldn’t appear in GH and that’s what I’m looking to find out. Someone knows why this doesn’t work!! LOL

Do you know that it’s an actual limitation? I can’t find anything that indicates that it is.

Reddit seemed to indicate that as well as this digital trends article from May of this year.

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Thanks Steve, I think you nailed it with this article. At the very bottom it says, “The Schlage Connect and Schlage’s Connected Keypad do not yet have compatibility with Google Assistant. Consumers now await the next update, wondering whether that will include compatibility with these other smart locks and the ability to unlock your door via voice command.” My locks are the Connected Keypad version so I’ll start that Googling process now. What seems weird to me is that GH should be able to control anything that is attached to the ST hub IMHO. It may not be able to do fancy things but since GH is compatible with the ST hub, they should at least communicate on the most basic level. Frustrating.

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well, google does not like to work with lock anyways, so even if the locks showed up in google. you will not be able to say hey google unlock front door

what you can do on the other hand is, use IFTTT for the locks and it’ll work like a charm