SmartThings, Google Home/Assistant and Schlage BE 469V Smart Connect Z-Wave NightMare

Help please! Just added a ST Hub V3.0 (2018 version no wifi) to GH network (for the second time). The only device connected to the ST Hub V3.0 is my Schlage BE469 Smart Connect lock. I can see the lock in ST (Ver. 1.6.59-477) and lock/unlock it in ST. But even after adding ST as a linked service, I can not see ST or the BE469 Smart Connect lock when I try to add a new device in GH or GA. How do I use GA/GH to access the lock and how do I access the lock from ST in GH?

I don’t have Google home, so I can’t answer that. But what region are you in? Are you able to add Smart Lock Guest Access in your smartapps?

Google Home does Not expose locks for security reasons and will also not expose a scene with a locking condition included. You will have to use IFTTT linked between Smartthings and Google Home for lock/unlock voice commands. Go to IFTTT and click explore, then type in Smartthings, then in the list look for “unlock a Smartthings lock by voice” and “lock a Smartthings lock by voice”. Setup each applet and you’ll be good to go

Yes, I had added it, but have since removed it from GA, where a web-based interface allows you to add the code for a smartapp.

Absolutely nothing you can do on ST or GA end without IFTTT

OK. Is there a good article or solution on how to do that?

look a few posts up in the thread. I explained how to accomplish. Additionally, there are a lot of good Youtube videos on how to setup IFTTT and how to link services there if you haven’t already. Hope it helps

Here is a link to the Reddit thread.

By the way, it worked for me. I really appreciate the help.