SmartThings forgets Smartenit ZigBee modules

I have 2 Smartenit ZBMPlug15 - Model 5010Q Zigbee smart plugs. These are the wall outlet modules that SmartThings originally included with their KickStarter campaign.

Every once in a while my ZBMPlug15 “things” become unresponsive (and obviously any smart apps I’ve hooked to them also stop controlling them). When this happens, new devices pop up in the app under “connect new device” with the title “SmartPower Outlet V1” … adding those “things” gives me control of the modules again, but then I have to move all my SmartApps over to em.

The last time this happened I left the old, unresponsive “things” around in SmartThings with names like “Couch 1” and “Bar 1” and named the new ones that showed up “Couch 2” and “Bar 2” … I then used the new things for a month or so until they became unresponsive again… but this time, instead of new devices showing up in the app, the old, unresponsive “Couch 1” and “Bar 1” things came alive again. :open_mouth:

Looking in the developer portal, I see that they all have distinct network IDs, and the original things (Couch 1 and Bar 1) have distinct ZigBee IDs assigned.

Is anyone else using these modules and having problems? or having problems with SmartThings forgetting other kinds of ZigBee devices?

there were several problems with that model, which is why they were dropped. They appeared to have difficulty both maintaining is it the connection to the Coordinator and also interfered with other devices on the network. I don’t know anymore than that, but you can check with support.

I’m having the exact same issue with ZBMPlug15 , I too bought the original KickStarter campaign kit. Did you find a resolution?

I’m also finding the same issue with newly bought Arrival Sensors from Samsung.

Lastly, the Moisture sensor I bought from Samsung also seems to become ‘unavailable’. Just thought I’d put it all out there in case they are related somehow to the fact that we both started with the KickStarter kit.

Thank you.