Cannot Add New Z-Wave Devices Properly

I have a house full of Leviton Z-Wave plugs and switches that have worked pretty well, but I tried adding two Leviton plugs recently (one brand new, one old one that I had around, two different revisions) and they exhibit the same behavior. The Smartthings Hub sees them, will give them a name, acts like they’re all set up, even logs all commands sent to and from them, but will never turn them on or off. If I try to turn them on/off from the main page of the Smartthings iOS app, it says it’s turning them on and off, but if I go to the actual device page it says it can’t connect to either device.

So that’s two different models of plug from the same brand, of which I have like five others, and they have the same odd non-functional behavior. I’m guessing that means something is wrong with my Hub, but I’m not sure what? I initially attempted to set one up across the house, but when it had this behavior I removed it, moved the plug and light to the same room as the Hub, and tried again just to get the same result.

Any help or advice you can give me would be very appreciated! Thanks.

Which app are you using?

Have you confirmed that they’re using the same device handler as the other Leviton plugs?

I was using the original app because I didn’t know that the new app had come out. The new app gives me some issues, but I was ultimately able to exclude one of the plugs properly and then get it set up again. Looks like neither plug would work because I was using the old app, then they wouldn’t work because they were still connected to that app, and now that they’ve been removed and re-added they will work. Thanks for the help!

Try to reboot your hub and do a Z-Wave repair.