Smartthings force logging in to wrong account

I have an Android, my wife has an iPhone. After I set the SmartThings app up on my phone, I simply gave her my login information to use on her iPhone 7. Some days later, after getting things set up and trying to add everyone’s phones as presence sensors, it wouldn’t let me add my wife’s phone (it says it is already setup, though it does not appear in the list). So I logged her phone out of the app, deleted the app, sent her a family invitation to SmartThings, and then on her phone, accepted the invitation and setup an account for her. Now when she tries to log her into the SmartThings app with her own account on her phone, she starts by entering her username (email address), then “next”. But instead of the password entry screen, she is redirected to a Samsung account page asking if she wants to continue with my username/email address, under that it says “Applicable service: SmartThings iOS” and her only options are to agree or to cancel sign in. There doesn’t appear to be any way to sign her into her own account we created but will only allow her to login under my account. This wouldn’t be that big of deal, except now her phone cannot be used as a presence sensor (it thinks it is, but it’s not. I suspect that’s because I set mine up as one and she’s logged in to my account) and she cannot set up her own screens/favorites stuff without messing mine up. Any idea how to get this fixed? I have uninstalled and reinstalled her app several times with no luck. I added my daughter and set up her iPhone with no problems, but she had not previously been logged in with my account.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Try clearing out browser history/cache on her phone, I also ran into this over the weekend while troubleshooting some issues.

Perfect! I made sure the data was being deleted from the app when uninstalling. But I hadn’t thought about the web browser cache. That did it. Thank you very much.

I have the exact same issue, but on Android. Tried clearing all app data, uninstalling the app, clearing cache and history in Chrome, reinstalling smartthings… No dice. Had to go for a walk and clear my mind… Why not ad a button to change account on that page? Sooo frustrating!

Anything I missed?

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