New SmartThings User trouble logging in to App

I create a smartthings account with my google account, logged in, verified did all the things. When I attempted to install my new smartthing hub and started up the new smartthings app I went to log in but there was no option to login with a google account.

I tried typing in my email and password but it said wrong password. How do I log in to the app on my android phone with a google account?

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I don’t think you can. I’d try creating an account via email address.

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So the app goes to a website to provide you the login screen. I went to that website in my chrome browser on phone and there is a big login with google button right there. Unfortunately the browser in the app does not have that button.

The problem is that I already created my account by logging in with google. If I try to login through app it won’t let me because I can’t login via google. I can’t create a new account because it says my email is already in use because its my gmail account which I already created an account for.

So now I can’t do anything except create a new email address and make a new account with said email address?

I don’t understand why the new smartthings app going to the same website to login shows a different page then when you go to it by normal browser.

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Any luck with this issue? I am having the same problem.

By same problem, you mean you don’t see the “Continue with Google” option when signing into the mobile app?

I can see the “Continue with Google” option but when I use it I get “for security reasons, continue with Google is not supported”. This error occurs on iOS 12.4.1 the smart things classic app and the smart things app.

I see, thank you.

This is a different issue than what the thread creator encountered. I reported the issue.

This issue is now resolved. I didn’t do anything particular to fix it. I’ve since updated to the latest versions of both apps and the latest iOS version.

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Well, I have one simple question for you since I bought a Samsung 65q70r TV. Does this TV support Google Assistant (phone app) ? I’ve connected SmartThings with Google Assistant, bit the only thing I could manage is to turn on and off the televised with Google Assistant. I doesn’t react to other commands like “Switch to channel 2 (on Samsung TV)”. When I do that Google Assistant answers: “I don’t see any cast devices linked to your account (…)”. I don’t have a Google Assistant Speaker though, but that doesn’t have to be a problem I suppose.

So, can Google Assistant switch channels on my TV?

Is it possible to login with google account?

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The original issue still persists, has anyone found a workaround using the same email address? Still can’t login via my Google account from the app.

I have not been able to resolve the issue either, currently using an iphone 12

I’ve had this same issue - not being able to log in to the SmartThings app on my iPhone with a Samsung account created/linked to my google account. I just found the resolution! Go to the Samsung Website and sign in with your SAMSUNG account. Go to Manage your Profile - if you do not have a “password” setup (other than your google pass through option) it will prompt you to do this. Do it. Then login again and go to your Samsung profile and manage your profile. There is a slider to UNLINK your google account from your Samsung account. Unlink and now you have a normal Samsung account with the password just created and that will allow you to login to the SmartThings App.

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Hi i found the solution, you need to register your password with samsung account. once you have attempted the email and it gives you the notice that you signed in with your google account it will send you an email to register your password. Once you have done that you can log into the app without your google account while still using your same email

App is garbage. Doesn’t work. Had problems at every step. Now using Google home and trying to install smartthings. Asks to login with google. Then I choose the account I used and right back to same login page. Just pure garbage. Tired of fighting with it already. Very disappointed. Also, the fridge I purchased keeps crashing. only way to fix it unplug to reboot. wtf. This whole thing sucks. Not happy.