New SmartThings User trouble logging in to App

I create a smartthings account with my google account, logged in, verified did all the things. When I attempted to install my new smartthing hub and started up the new smartthings app I went to log in but there was no option to login with a google account.

I tried typing in my email and password but it said wrong password. How do I log in to the app on my android phone with a google account?

I don’t think you can. I’d try creating an account via email address.

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So the app goes to a website to provide you the login screen. I went to that website in my chrome browser on phone and there is a big login with google button right there. Unfortunately the browser in the app does not have that button.

The problem is that I already created my account by logging in with google. If I try to login through app it won’t let me because I can’t login via google. I can’t create a new account because it says my email is already in use because its my gmail account which I already created an account for.

So now I can’t do anything except create a new email address and make a new account with said email address?

I don’t understand why the new smartthings app going to the same website to login shows a different page then when you go to it by normal browser.

Any luck with this issue? I am having the same problem.

By same problem, you mean you don’t see the “Continue with Google” option when signing into the mobile app?

I can see the “Continue with Google” option but when I use it I get “for security reasons, continue with Google is not supported”. This error occurs on iOS 12.4.1 the smart things classic app and the smart things app.

I see, thank you.

This is a different issue than what the thread creator encountered. I reported the issue.

This issue is now resolved. I didn’t do anything particular to fix it. I’ve since updated to the latest versions of both apps and the latest iOS version.

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Well, I have one simple question for you since I bought a Samsung 65q70r TV. Does this TV support Google Assistant (phone app) ? I’ve connected SmartThings with Google Assistant, bit the only thing I could manage is to turn on and off the televised with Google Assistant. I doesn’t react to other commands like “Switch to channel 2 (on Samsung TV)”. When I do that Google Assistant answers: “I don’t see any cast devices linked to your account (…)”. I don’t have a Google Assistant Speaker though, but that doesn’t have to be a problem I suppose.

So, can Google Assistant switch channels on my TV?

Is it possible to login with google account?