iPhones Issue

I am frustrated; Please, help

Installed SmartThings Classic app in my wife’s iPhone and logged in to my Smartthings account. Set a few things up and it all works.
I have now purchased an iPhone for my personal use. When I try to log in to my SmartThings account from my phone but it cannot connect to the hub.

What should I do to be able to access the hub and app (program) from both phones?.

Also; should I drop the classic up and go for the new app?.

Hope someone can help


  1. Try selecting new user when you login and select SmartThings when prompted to choose which account. Unless your account has been migrated to a Samsung account in which case you would choose Samsung.

  2. you may want to consider setting up your wife with her own account to login with. After you get logged into your account on your phone of course.

  3. Check to make sure your iPhone is set up to your wireless network and not using only the cellular connection.

Follow up and let us know.