SmartThings Extend USB dongle for TVs

I was reading the news from CES 2016 and stumbled onto this about the new Samsung TVs:

"Home automation: The company also said it is turning all of its 2016 smart SUHD TVs into home-automation hubs, enabling consumers to control and monitor smart home systems via the TV screen with the inclusion of a free Smart Things Extend USB dongle. More than 200 home devices are compatible with the Smart Things technology.
The company partnered with home-automation supplier Smart Things, which it bought in 2014, to add home-automation technology to the TVs.
Other Samsung smart TVs will integrate with SmartThings home-automation systems, enabling consumers to control certain TV features through the SmartThings’ smartphone app and incorporate the TV into their smart-home routines."

It looks to be a secondary controller USB dongle… I wonder what other uses it may have? SmartThings better polish (fix) up their service, the masses are coming!

Actually, it looks like a primary Zwave controller, not a secondary ( since the TV has no Zwave control without it).

There are several Zwave controllers of this type in the market, they’re just typically used with laptops, not televisions.

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