Smartthings Web now in Beta?

As far as i know, the smartthings web was an alpha release.

Now, i can see a beta notation at the top. There also seems to be a new wallpaper.


how do i have access?

There was an alpha program years ago. There is not much functionality anw

Looks like the beta tag, hiding mobile presence devices and background change is about the only thing new. Still a lot of UI inconsistencies with the mobile app

Yeap! Communication and changes lately are so scarce. It looks like a graveyard nowadays.

I was able to access it for the first time.

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Did you not sign up for the alpha?

Never signed up for alpha, but that link got me In

Thats cool! Lets hope they will actually start working on it

The Web Portal works for me as well.

I see that this Web Portal has access to the STHM. It’s too bad that SmartThings doesn’t extend that privilege to other services which aren’t in Beta.

A SmartThings staff member gave some more details here: