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SmartThings created new iPhone presence device (July 3 2019)

I am one of the fortunate ones that has seen my iPhone presence integrating and working flawlessly for many years, but last week, June 27th, all functions relating to my iPhone presence stopped working. I am still using the Classic app exclusively, and after a lot of headscratching and reviewing all related settings, I discovered that a NEW iPhone presence device had been created with no apparent assistance from me. My original device was named “My iPhone”, but a new one was created using my first and last name, plus the original device name (First name-Last name-My iPhone). Both of them show up in the device list in IDE and they both have the same Device Network ID. The new one shows recent activity but the old one shows last activity 6 days ago (June 27th). I have switched all my presence triggers over to the new device and everything is working again. As far as I know, I did nothing to create the new presence, but does anyone know how or why this happened??? I’m still a little leery of deleting the original device at this time. (V2 hub, SmartThings Classic app, iPhone 8)

Any chance you logged into the new app to check it out?

I do have the new app on my phone and have logged into it occasionally to check progress, but I don’t have anything setup on it. I checked it this morning and I see all my devices showing up there except, coincidentally, my two iPhone presence sensors. I really don’t recall if I was in it around the time the new device showed up, it’s a possibility, but I don’t think so. Could there have been some hiccup trying to load my iPhone into the new app?

That was probably it. I never set a presence device up in the new app either but I installed it to use my Leviosa shades since they only work with the new app. It did the same for me I had to start using the new device and delete the old one, as it no longer worked. Mine had worked fine as well until ST decided I needed a new one.

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Hmm… seems you are not the only one then… See this user facing a similar description of her phone device name while this is not the device name she has.right now. Changing my name

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