"My Devices" showing the same phone many times

I’ve searched a lot and apologize if this is a repeat post…

I have two hubs, one in the barn and one in the house.

In the ST developer portal ( https://account.smartthings.com), I am seeing my iPhone as a presence sensor listed twice for the barn and twice for the house. My wife’s iPhone is just showing up once per hub.

Last activity for all four instances is pretty current (within the past few hours). I’m using both the classic and the new app (as is my wife). I’ve also been trying to use WebCore to write custom automation’s.

Is there a rational explanation is to why I’m seeing multiple instances for my phone? What’s the best way to clean this up?

Thank you so much :-).


This is a known problem with the new app. For whatever reason, presence does not work well with it. It loses active status in the app and then when you re-open it it creates a new instance of itself. This is why you are seeing the multiple presence devices for the phone.

Report it to support so they can let you know when the problem is fixed, but the only workaround for it right now is to use the classic app for presence instead. :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks for clarifying, I’ll submit a question to support.

Can I just list all devices in the WebCore code based on presence (and hope that it works…)?

Thank you, sorry about the knit pick, I guess I was listing this to clarify that I was using the development api so to speak… It’s all very new to me but I’m happy to change the post if you like?

Both sensors are showing recent activity in the IDE, based on launching the app on my phone I think can relate which instance of the sensor relates to which app (classic vs STSC). I’ve used both apps to edit the pistons in webCoRE and also my laptop… I’ve not had a chance to test the piston yet so can’t comment on what works, I was just confused by so many phone sensors.

Did you create a phone presence sensor in the Classic app and also enabled phone location in STSC? That would create two presence sensors in My Devices in IDE.

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Yes, however I also did the same on my wife’s phone, she has one presence sensor for the house hub and one for the barn hub, I did this with both STSC and classic. For my phone there are two presence sensors per hub. I can easily turn off location in STSC and erase the sensors in https://account.smartthings.com if you think that will help?

Thank you for helping me with this.


No need to turn off phone location in STSC at this point. You might as well test it out. Most likely it will turn off on it’s own at some point in STSC as this is a known issue so just keep your eye on it.

The only thing that comes to mind as why you see two presence sensors for each hub and only 1 per hub for your wife is the accounts. I assume yours is the master account and hers is a shared account and perhaps not displaying her STSC location as a device. Why - I have no clue.

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Sounds plausible, I’ll test and see what happens. You’re correct that my account is the master account.

Thanks for helping.

Just added stsc created mobile presence sensors by enabling both my s10 and my wife’s iPhone, added to webcore as well. Surprisingly it worked! Only thing I need to check is it did not trigger my other positions depending on the one that uses presence sensor.

Anyway, stsc presence sensor now works with webcore too!

This “new” app is still not working well at all for me, in the classic one you could see phone presence status away/home for all family at a glance. Is there a way in the new app for this? Having such issues with people phone’s just leaving and arriving I like to monitor it more closely, however I don’t even see phones in my device list in the new app? Any pointers?!! Help! :crazy_face:

That’s the problem they have with the new app, not sure if they will add it back.

It’s not there at the present time. What some people are doing is creating a virtual switch to act as a proxy for presence and turning it on and off when the person leaves. Then the switch will be visible in the app. It seems unnecessary, except there isn’t any other workaround for now. :disappointed_relieved: