New iOS app created a new presence entry?

It would appear as though that when I loaded the new ST app on my iPhone (I have both versions installed), it created a new presence thing. So, now my phone is represented by the new entry and the previous entry is not being updated. The problem is that previous entry was the one linked everywhere.

Is there a way to eliminate the new entry and have the old entry be represented by my phone again?

yup, that’s a long known issues that Samsung has yet to fix. It’s expecially fin because the new app on iOS will randomly turn off location tracking, so then you have two presence devices and neither work. Fun! anyway, you can fix it by replacing the old one with the new one in your automations and then deleting the old one.

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Well, that’s a huge pain in the ass since I have a lot to replace. No way to reassign it to the correct presence sensor in the IDE?

not that i’ve found. I think both have the same device ID in the IDE.

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Same thing happened to me and I had to just replace the old with the new and then remove the old one.

The new app also created about 50 new devices that were not actually on my system and I could not remove them. ST support had to do it. Also just for fun it moved all my devices to one room so I had to re-sort them,. Twice even, first after the initial install and then a few days later when I was having trouble with my window shades, they only can be configured in the new app… I re-linked them, and when I got back to the main screen it had done it again. So I always dread having to open the new app, It hasn’t done it again and it’s been quite some time now, so hopefully that has been fixed.