Rename Presence Device

My wife and both have iPhones logged into SmartThings for presence. Everything works however both of our devices are named iPhone. I renamed my iPhone (in iOS settings) but it still shows in SmartThings as iPhone. Is there a way to rename the presence device?

There is no way to edit it in the ST app. I doubt you would be able to edit it in IDE since it uses the new architecture with Placeholder as the Device Type.

My guess is - you would need to remove the current Presence sensor and add it back since you changed the name on the iPhone and it should pick that up. Note: doing this may wipe out any Routines that use it. You could create a virtual Presence sensor and substitute it in the routines in place of the real one. turn off get location for this iphone in the app, restart the iPhone, then go back into the app and enable get location for this iphone. check if it shows the new name. edit our routines and replace the virtual presence sensor with the real one.

Thanks for the recommendation. Unfortunately nothing seems to work. I unchecked using my phone for location. I uninstalled the SmartThings app and reinstalled it. It always just wants to name my device iPhone even though my device has a different name

I also tried using the IDE to rename the device but since the device is listed as placeholder it doesn’t really work.

Any other ideas? I haven’t checked but can the CLI rename a device?


smartthings device:rename

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It looks like using the CLI to rename the device does work.

Thanks everyone!