Multiple Phones listed as Presence Sensors

I’m not sure what happened but my phone name is listed like 3 times as presence sensors and my wife’s phone is listed 4 times. Any idea how I clean this up? It is messing up all my geofencing automations.

Happened to me I believe when I reinstalled the New App while still using the Classic App…Or around about that time…not sure exactly

I had the same issue but I think I caused it early on by creating the “second” phone with my name. I wound up with two phones, one with my newly created name and the Moto G6 phone that was found early on during setup.

To delete, I used IDE and located the two devices in my device list. I deleted the newly created one with my name. Here is the lin k:

I signed on with my Samsung account. I don’t know what happens if you sign in with a Smartthings account.

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Perfect. Thanks guys. That worked. Its too bad you have to go into the IDE to deal with that.

Just wanted to point out that it is not a good idea to link to a specific server URL for IDE since not everyone is on the NA04 shard. Users not on NA04 will not see their device handlers/smart app or devices using that URL (unless they click on My Locations and select their location first). It is best to point users to which will redirect them to their appropriate shard.

IDE is the same whether you login with either a SmartThings or Samsung account.

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Thanks for the proper direction of which link to share for IDE.

Does anyone know if it makes a difference which phone you delete? I cant really tell which was first. I changed the name of one, but that doesn’t really tell me which one is which. I thought maybe I could tell by the Last Activity Time Stamp, but one one shows nothing " " and the other shows “15 hours ago” when the phone is laying right here next to me at the computer, I am not sure which to remove (as if it matters)

Any suggestions???