SmartThings Connect iOS Update v1.6.55 - Nov 19 2020

What a joke.

What’s the joke?

Whoa…my device status loads immediately.

a few interface changes

I noticed the same, almost instant update?

Actually, now my hub is offline?

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Anyone seeing the SmartThings labs?

I’m definitely seeing significantly faster load times.

For me they appear to at first but when opening a device the status is still dog slow to update.

I said what a joke because they appear to have added some features but still not addressed the biggest issue with the app regarding device status update speed.

test it later. there is a current issue with the ST platform as noted on the Status page

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Samsung devices seeing no update yet

Loads a lot faster!

I don’t even see that in my update notice?

No change. Again, the main page of rooms/devices loads much quicker, agreed. But opening a device is the same - very slow to get status. The usual cloud symbol and/or spinner displays for ages then eventually updates.

I have screenshots! They can’t take it away! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I think i’m seeing the same. i’m also trying to tell if its loading the cached value or the actually current state.

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Same here on my Pixel :raised_hands:. Must be a backend update, unless I missed the notification for a corresponding Android update.

@jkp so, what are you seeing?

From my testing the initial ‘fast’ status display is the cached value, NOT the actual status. As before, after a period of time it updates to the actual status.


I know this is an iOS thead, but the Android version does have the Labs feature in the Smart Apps area.


Is that always there or just appeared due to an update ?? I see nothing in the Uk using Droid

Yeap, they are loading the cached values and then it takes the same time as before to update to the current status.
False improvement alarm.