SmartThings compatible USB Switch/Relay?

New to SmartThings and have interest in a solution to disconnect/connect USB devices through SmartThings.

Is there anything currently that could do this? I was thinking a simple relay on the power line of a USB cable would do the trick, then maybe hook it up to an Arduino with the SmartThings shield (If I can find one in stock).

I have a bunch of USB devices attached to my desktop though a single USB hub (they light up), since I keep my desktop on 24/7, it would be great to add these devices to my “kill the lights” routine in SmartThings which currently turns off all the lights including the LED strip in my PC case which is controlled through the Osram LED Strip Controller.

Anyone know of a simple way to achieve this? Thanks!

They make Z Wave outlets. Maybe plug the USB hub into the outlet…unless the hub is USB powered.

Or are you trying to individually control USB power to each device connected to the hub?

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Okay, my computer freaked out and posted a bunch, anyways…Looks like my hub gets power from the USB as well, if I kill the AC to the hub, the USB devices stay on.

Not sure how much power the ST hub is drawing or be able to supply so just be careful not to damage your computer or ST hub.

I think you may have misunderstood :slight_smile:
I am not trying to power the ST Hub or power anything using the ST Hub, I have a USB Hub (Splits one USB to multiple), I am trying to interrupt the connection to “turn off” all my USB devices. I am looking for a way to do this and integrate it into SmartThings.

My next recommendation would be to find another USB hub that gets its power from the wall instead of the computer its plugged into.

Or if youre wanting to turn it off just because of the lights being on when youre sleeping, might I recommend electrical tape?

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Yeah, I am leaning towards finding a different USB hub, mine has “auto-switching” between USB powered and AC so it is not good. Any suggestions on the hub? I can’t find any that are powered only by AC and will just die if disconnected, they all seem to switch to USB power.

I am also thinking about picking up a 5V relay and using a Zigbee Outlet with a AC/USB adapter plugged into it and wire a USB cable to the relay. That way, the relay will be triggered when the outlet is turned on. Then using the relay to connect/disconnect the power wire on the USB cable running into the hub. It is sort of a crazy round about way of triggering a relay, but will probably work.

Sounds like you really just want to make something!

I dont have recommendations for a different USB hub, as I dont use any.

How about a usb wall outlet and a z-wave micro controller behind it? Nice clean and no relay to deal with. It will be a tight fit so check your box.
Usb outlet.

Micro controller

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Agreed, got it working! Attached are a few pictures of the final creation.

I had a 12V Relay and an old AC to 12V power supply laying around. I cut up an old USB extender and separated the 5v line between the relay. Now whenever the power supply gets power, it connects the USB otherwise, it disconnects.

I used a Belkin Outlet switch to integrate with SmartThings. Thanks again for the idea of using an outlet switch!

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Glad I could be of some help.

Clever way of doing it, with the relay.